Eye Concepts - Oran Park


Time Frame: Project Management and Construction 7 weeks   Budget: $200K approx.

Located in a brand new shopping centre near Camden, the client Eye Concepts would like to expand his business into the western region of Sydney. Given a shop with 60 square metres, the design was to implement a design that is different to the client’s other shops located around Sydney. The new design needs to be refreshing, new and eye catching. The choice of light timber with glass and black and red text keeps the shop sophisticated and clean. Nothing is too fancy here and this is exactly what the client is looking for; clean and simple. Retailogy construction team has spent approximately 7 weeks on this job, creating beautiful wall joineries that lit, wallpaper that glimmers and a high ceiling with vintaged style pendant lights. Like any other job, our team has successfully converted drawings into a reality through working and liaising with shopping centre management teams as well as the designers.