Akita Teppanyaki


Time Frame: 10 weeks with design and CDC approval   Budget: $150K approx.

Akita Teppanyaki is a family business that serves the local public in the Sutherland Shire area. The concept of the design is to keep it relatively simple which blends in with the local appearance. As you enter from the shop, a café-like bifolding windows can be seen which allows the customers to have a quick drink before the teppanyaki meal. A bar then becomes one of the features of the shop serving to be the main area for big party groups to have a drink and chill around.

Due to the nature of teppanyaki with food being thrown around, the Retailogy design team has proposed to use more rigid and hard surfaces making the space easier for clean up. Given the contrast of steel, slacked stones and bricks, the space serves to be quite rusty and industrial like.